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What Are 3 Popular Mariachi Songs?

3 most popular Mariachi Songs

Popular Mariachi Songs

We all love a Mexican fiesta! From Los Angeles to London, Mexico is renowned for its tequila, tacos and the best parties on the planet. And what better way to get into the Mexican-party mood than a Mariachi?


Mariachi music is the ideal genre to liven up any event, and while you may think a Mariachi band only plays Mexican songs, you’d be surprised. Mariachis can play any tune, and Mariachi bands for hire are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and everything in between. However, the more traditional songs do make it into any given set of a Mariachi band, and if you’re wondering what some of the popular Mariachi songs in a repertoire may be — look no further!

Read on to learn more about the popular Mariachi songs we all know and love. Check out three popular Mariachi songs below!


El Son De La negra


El Son De La Negra may just be one of the songs you hear when you watch a Mariachi band. Easily one of the most famous and most-loved Mariachi tunes, it is synonymous with Mexican culture, and some even consider it Mexico’s second national anthem! Composed in 1940 by Blas Galindo, this high-energy, lively song is about separated lovers, but although the story may be sad, the tempo is upbeat and exuberant. Perfect for getting your Aunt Carol off her chair at your wedding reception!



Volver, Volver

Volver, Volver means “going back, going back”, and this ranchera-style tune heavily features trumpets. This classic Mariachi love song was made famous by Vicente Fernández, the King of Ranchera Music. This moving song is about heartbreak and wishing you could reconcile with an old flame, and evokes deep emotions. Maybe not the best song to request from your Mariachi band for a wedding or anniversary, but still a fantastic tune!



México Lindo Y Querido

México Lindo y Querido is a must-hear patriotic anthem, celebrating the beauty of Mexico. This waltz-style tune with vocal harmonies is a staple, signature song for Mariachi bands, and you can certainly expect to hear it in a live set. Composed by Chucho Monge, this song is held in high esteem by many Mariachi ensembles and enthusiasts. If you want an authentic Mariachi music experience, request México Lindo y Querido at your corporate event, birthday party, or wedding for an unforgettable musical moment.


Other Popular Mariachi Songs

There are many other Mariachi songs that you can hope to hear when you book a Mariachi band for your wedding, party, or work event. Such signature songs as La Bamba, Para Siempre, La Bikini, and dozens of other classic fiesta tunes to bring authentic Mexican flavour to your bash!

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