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Instruments Mariachi bands use

Mariachi band

If you’re looking for an authentic fiesta vibe for your event, look no further than a Mariachi band! There’s no experience quite like dancing along to a real Mexican Mariachi band at your function, whether you want to hire a Mariachi band for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events. Feet will be tapping and hips will be swinging! Mariachi music is a sight that has to be seen to be believed, and The Mexican Way are available to bring the spirit of fiesta to your event.

Our accomplished musicians perform live on real Mariachi instruments, and if you’re curious about just what instruments mariachi bands use — we have the answers!


Which Instruments Do Mariachi Bands Play?

Mariachi music is made up of many elements. It’s made to move you, physically and emotionally. Mariachi bands are ensemble groups of exuberant and exciting performers, dressed in amazing attire. Mexican Mariachi bands are composed of a variety of mostly stringed instruments, designed to give life to any song, be it sad, angry, or happy.

Some instruments may seem familiar to non-music aficionados, but others may be a little more intriguing as they are authentic to Mexican culture and Mariachi music. 

Read on to learn about the preferred traditional instruments a Mariachi band uses!


Instruments Mariachi bands use


Let’s start with the most recognisable instrument in any Mariachi band—the acoustic guitar! Most Mariachi ensembles include a regular guitar to ground the timing of the band and the rhythm of every song. This six-stringed instrument carries the melody, providing a solid foundation for both traditional Mariachi music and popular modern tunes.


Mariachi Guitarron


A guitarrón is basically a bass guitar, providing the deep pitch and harmony of Mariachi songs. It’s much bigger than a standard guitar, and offers a low bass sound. It originates from 16th century Spain, and can be seen in any reputable and well-rounded Mariachi ensemble, making sure every live set is all about that bass!


Mariachi Vihuela


A vihuela is a five-stringed instrument, sort of like a big ukulele or a very small guitar. It’s an integral part of the rhythm section of a Mariachi band, and its high-pitched sound complements any head-bopping melody. Just as the lute was the favoured instrument of bards in Europe in the 18th century, the vihuela had the same cultural significance in Spain.


Mariachi Trumpet


When jazz hit the big time in the 1930s, the tooting trumpet became a new addition to Mariachi bands. It’s a key element of the fun fiesta music that Mariachi fans enjoy, and transforms every song into an event. The signature and bracing tones of a trumpet are limited to one player in each Mariachi band.


Mariachi Violin


The final distinctive instrument in Mariachi sound is the violin. Leading the charge with its anchoring sound, the violin is small yet mighty, and is a critical instrument to achieve truly astounding Mariachi music.

Already got the sound of Mariachi music in your ears? The Mexican Way are Britain’s most famous Mexican mariachi band, and we’re available to bring a swinging party to any fiesta!Contact us now to see our availability and bring some ¡arrrrriba! to your next event.

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